“After searching online and visiting several floating dock manufacturers, my wife and I headed out to the 2016 Ottawa Cottage show to purchase a dock system we had decided on. We wanted a conventional wood floating dock on barrels or poly floats, as this was what we had been using for many years and were used to it. When we got there we wanted  to walk around a bit first and came across one of the modular dock manufacturers I had ruled out from my online research, so I decided to ask them some questions.

After talking with Rick and Al, I decided I should look into this a little closer before making a purchase. Three trips later to their shop on the St. Lawrence River we decided to go with the purchase of the Candock Modular Floating Docking System.

Wow have we been very impressed with our new modular dock and Jetslide Dry Dock System. It is far more stable in rough water than our old wooden floaters were and can be configured and added to as we wish. No more staggering around on a bobbing dock in rough water. My wife particularly loves her new bench. The dock was so easy to take out in the fall, we just pulled it up on the lawn and covered it.

Rick and Al were great to deal with and were very patient in answering all of our questions. They installed the dock for us and it looks great. I highly recommend Candock systems and 1000 Island Docks. Candock should definitely be a consideration for anyone in need of a new dock system.”

– C Douglas


“I wanted to write you a quick email in thanking you for all your help last year at Bellmere Winds Resort.

When we first purchased the floating docks I was a little unsure on how they were going to work on Rice Lake and even for our guests.   I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the docks.   The owner’s at the Resort who used them on a daily basis also where impressed with the new docking system.

It was very much appreciated when you guys took the time to show us how to install the docks and all your little secrets.  Then when you showed up to pull out the docks in the fall and give us a hand that was the best service we could ever ask for.  I look forward to ordering more docks in the future for all of our properties in Ontario.”


– Bellmere Wind Resort


“I wanted to write you a letter of recommendation in relation to our families purchase in the summer of 2015 of the double Candock Jetslide Dry Dock System for our two personal watercrafts. We are very happy with the docking system.  The additional cubes we added to the design permitted us to include a swimming ladder and ample deck space for our kayak.  Our family really enjoyed the versatility of the docking system as the system design addressed all of our recreational requirements.

We were very happy with the  great customer service that 1000 Islands Docks provided during the purchase and installation of our docking system.  You took the time to answer all of our questions in relation to the product, installation, and warranty registration.”

– Jamie and Dewey Hall – Gananoque, Ontario