1000 Islands Docks is proud to offer you the most reliable modular floating system ever to be installed on the water, an “all Canadian product” - Candock Modular Floating Docks and Systems

Candock is proud to provide a 20 year limited warranty modular floating dock, maintenance free, deterioration proof and easy to assemble. The configuration of these docks is only limited by your imagination.

The days of massive wood or metal docks are over. Candock’s modular floating dock technology is cutting edge. We offer 20 years experience in dock installation and take great pride to ensure your complete satisfaction with your new system. Not only do we provide an amazing docking system, we also have accessories available to make your dock a showpiece on the water.


Come and see us at various outdoor shows and view some of the products for our floating module docks here on our website.

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Candock’s boat lift system is larger than our competitors can offer and assures better stability, as well as an excellent distribution of weight. Also, with our basic PWC lift systems for jet skis, you will have the freedom to walk around your boat.

Moreover, the V-shaped entrance point, next to the waterline, prevents hard impacts and facilitates progressive boarding maneuvers as well as giving you better flotation and allowing your craft to go further on your lift.

1000 Islands Docks also offer over 30 years experience in the marine industry.